This is where you can get help using Recreational Access Arizona 2.0!


The Department has transitioned off of the original Recreational Access Arizona 1.0 site and made available the new Recreational Access Arizona 2.0, which includes many new improvements, including being compatible on mobile devices!

At this point, Recreational Access Arizona 2.0 is only available with a WIFI or cellular data/service connection, although future plans include some offline (without service) capabilities.

The free version of Recreational Access Arizona 2.0 includes many of the data layers that the original Recreational Access Arizona had, and still displays all of the Arizona Game and Fish Department's efforts in securing recreational access.

You will still be able to access Recreational Access Arizona 1.0 at However, the site has been deprecated, and will no longer be supported with updates. Eventually, the Arizona Game and Fish Department will transition completely off of this site.

We hope you enjoy the new Recreational Access Arizona 2.0, and have fun recreating in all of Arizona's beautiful places!

If you need additional assistance, please contact Thank you!

Map Authentication

Recreational Access Arizona 2.0 uses Firebase as its data store for users and during map authentication..

Logging In to the Recreational Access 2.0 Map

Map authentication for the free version of the application is anonymous. All you do is click the Start for Free button on the Home Page ( and you are authenticated! You are free to try adding in your own data once authenticated to the map, but none of it is actually saved in the database. Once you reload the page, that data will no longer be visible.

Once you are logged in to the map, you will be redirected there if you try to access Recreational Access Arizona 2.0's Home page ( This is to help improve user experience. If you do not want this to happen the next time you visit the application, just click the "Log Out" link on the right of the menu above the map!

For convenient access to the free or premium version of Recreational Access Arizona 2.0, be sure to add it to your device's home screen! This is usually accomplished by pressing the Share Button in your device's browser and selecting "Add to Homescreen".

Logging Out

In order to log out of Recreational Access Arizona 2.0, and prevent the application from automatically authenticating you to the map, just click the "Log Out" link in the menu above the map!

Be sure to logout of both Recreational Access Arizona 2.0 and the Arizona Game and Fish Department anytime you are on a public or shared computer, and exit the browser, in order to help prevent any unauthorized access to your account!

App Basics

App Layout

Recreational Access Arizona 2.0 is designed to be responsive to mobile devices. On larger screens, the menu above the map will have a toggle button on the left and links on the right. Click the toggle button to read more about the application, or click the links to navigate to that section of the application. On smaller screens the links in the menu will transform into a second toggle button.

Map Navigation

Map navigation in Recreational Access Arizona 2.0 is similar to most other map applications you will find online. You can zoom in and out of the map by using the zoom control in the upper left corner of the map, double clicking (zoom in), scrolling, or on mobile-devices pinching. To pan the map just click or touch and hold, and drag the map.

Besides the above mentioned methods for zooming on the map, you can also hold the Shift key down and draw a zoom in box with the mouse.

You can also press the button in the upper left corner of the map to take you to the extent of Arizona.


One of the neat things about Recreational Access Arizona is that it's compatible with mobile devices. Why is that neat you ask? Because now you can see your location in relation to Arizona Game and Fish Department and other recreational data such as Game Management Unit and open ranch boundaries, as well as a variety of other map data layers! Just click or touch the location button on the bottom-right of the map, and if prompted allow Recreational Access Arizona 2.0 to access your current location via your internet browser. You current location, based on your WIFI connection, cell service, and/or your device's GPS signal will be displayed on the map, along with an "uncertainty" circle. You can even click or touch the current location marker on the map (blue dot) to show a popup with more information, such as your latitude, longitude, speed, heading, and altitude!

As soon as you click or touch the location icon, it will turn orange . This means that the map will actively follow your current location. When your current location starts to move off-screen, or you zoom in or out, the map will make adjustments to re-center and zoom around your current location. In order to disable the map following your current location, but still keep showing your current location, just pan or drag the map. This will disable map following and turn the location icon blue . In order to stop seeing your current location all together, just click or touch the location icon again. This will turn the location icon black again , and disable geolocation.

Touch the location icon in the bottom right corner to geolocate and have the map follow, pan the map to stop following but keep geolocating, or press the icon again to stop geolocating completely.

Map Layers

On larger screens, the right side of the map will contain a list of map layers that can be checked on or off depending on what you want to view. On smaller screens, this list is contained in a layers button layers button. This allows you to still turn layers on and off with a small screen size. Just touch the layer button to expand the layers window, and touch the map, or the menu above the map to close the layers window.

Depending on what layers you have turned on the map with a small screen size (mobile device), you may need to press the menu above the map, or the menu toggle switch to close the layers window and not show a popup!

Map Layer Popups

In order to get the most information from each map layer, click or touch the icon or symbols on the map after you turn on the layer. You will be presented with a popup giving you additional information about what you clicked on.

Some point and line layer popups will have a link to "Get Directions". Click on this link to be taken to a Google Map of the location on a desktop or laptop computer, or to get directions with Google or Apple Maps on a mobile Device!

Creating and Filtering Your Data

You can create your own data two different ways in Recreational Access Arizona 2.0.

Add a Marker Anywhere on the Map

In order to create data, make sure the "My RAA" map layer is turned on. This is the layer that will house all of the points you create, and turning it off means also not showing any points you created. Once "My RAA" is checked on (it is on by default), click or touch the map marker icon button below the Home icon on the left side of the map. After you click or touch the map marker icon button, click or touch a location on the map. You just created a map marker! Now, click or touch the map marker you created. You can give it a name, and select a type and or species. Selecting a type and or species of your marker will change the marker icon, and add that information to the marker popup! Again, this will be saved in the premium version of the application to all of your devices, but not in the free version (it will disappear once you revisit the page).

Add a Marker from your Current Location

You can create a marker from your current location by turning on geolocation, clicking or touching your current location marker to see the popup, and clicking the map marker button to the right of "Save Location". After that the process is the same as above.

Filtering Your Data

Once you start creating a lot of data, you might find that you only want to see some of it on the map. There is good can! Just start typing in the "Filter your data" box in the menu above the map. Your data on the map will start to be filtered by type, species, or name, and data that does not match what you type in will start to be removed from the map. Once you delete text from that filter box, your data will get re-added to the map. Again, data you create in the free version will not be saved past the current session, once you reload the browser or re-visit the page.